GOLDWIN HOLDINGS LIMITED Goldwin Holdings Limited, established in May 2007, is an international company that specializes in environmental protection technology.Our mission is to develop applications that protect humans from environmental harms and further develop these applications into products.



The Professional R&D Team The leader, Dr. Liu, received his Ph.D. from U.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Material Science, has worked for Poly-Flex Circuits Inc. as senior Research Associate, for American Biophysics as a consultant; along with the U.S. mosquito research specialists, Dr. Cao and Dr.Liu with several inventions on the subject.
金沙国际登录网址 Mosquitos Magnet was well recieved in the military and environmental health governements before intergrate it into worldwide sales channel. It becomes the world no.1 outdoor vector control product. Maxttrac is the only product being approved by Chinese CDC as a vector control product.
The Complete Product Lines Mosquito Magnet is the most advanced, eco-friendly machine which protects a large area. We are the exclusive dealer and supplier of the core parts for the products for the greater China area since 2001. In 2015, considering the demand from customers,we have developed the family models. Our products has been well received by governments, CDC, Ports, hotels, resorts, etc..
金沙国际登录网址 Mosquitos Magnet is developed by scientidts from USDA and American Biophysics, and there are 17 patents used in this product. Maxttrac has been well recived by China, Japan and Taiwan, and patents were also granted by the same countries, and more patent applications are applied in many other countries.
The Complete Satisfying After Services Our goal is to satisfying our customers, and continuing improving our designs, strictly QA and QC and just in time services are the principles of our company. We would like to invite you to join the team to develop and enjoy the new life with vector less living conditions.

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